Intelligent in Choosing a Personal Computer

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It’s good to know as much information as possible, but sometimes the information you receive from others is still not sufficient to answer your main purpose in buying a computer, but that will be using is your own computer. Not a friend, a newspaper reporter who adan read, or store clerk, but your own.

It seems simple, but you will be surprised that many people still do not know what the purpose of buying a computer, the following tips in the form of rules that need to be considered before you buy a computer

First: For what purposes?

First rule to keep in mind is what will you do with your computer. Why do you need a computer. Do you often make multimedia content or games fan? Are these computers will be left untouched for days? Do you need a desktop or laptop right? How do your custom work and spare time? How often are your friends and family or the people you contact most often use their computers?

Obviously only you can answer these questions.

If you already know the answer to the first rule is, you can follow to the next rule.

Second: What kind of performance you need from that computer?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the center of the entire computing system. Known as the “brains” of a computer, the CPU is the most important things that determine the performance of a computer. If you want to buy a new computer, it is important to understand the functions of a CPU. Also known as the processor, the CPU is a deal and do almost all commands from the computer hardware and software.

When you enter a computer store, there are many other things that will be promoted. Like for example Gigs or RAM, or graphics cards, as well as data storage (storage).There are many other components that might interest you. However, always make the processor as the first consideration, hence the ‘brains’ of your PC.

Most people use a computer to perform several activities at once, read e-mails while listening to music online and browse the Internet simultaneously. Therefore, the computer must be able to “think” quickly to follow the habits of people who like to do several things at once. Modern computers have multiple cores (the “brain”) that can process multiple events at once. Therefore, the newer processors and faster usually have extra computing power that makes the purchase of your PC into a wise investment.

Unfortunately, consumers often buy a computer at the time also “upgrade” some komponenn computer, but only get a toy computer performance enhancement.

Third: What are the mistakes that often happen?

Some people buy extra memory, additional hard drives and even an extra battery, while the real thing they need is to buy the best processor at the time of purchase to obtain better performance, and at the same time reduce expenses by not buying any additional components that are not needed.

RAM is a memory to store data temporarily on a PC. For PC users in general, 2GB of RAM is sufficient for everyday purposes. You can use almost any software, play 3D games, edit video, Internet browsing, playing iTunes, write documents and send e-mail – at the same time.

Add / upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB often yields only a slightly improved performance, compared to using 2GB of RAM and upgrade the processor with a higher level, which will provide much better performance.

You may be getting input from friends who are considered “experts” about the “clock speed”, ie the speed of a processor in completing a task. The velocity has units of gigahertz (GHz), had higher numbers mean faster performance processors.

But not anymore.

Processor technology advancement in recent years has enabled the CPU to have higher performance without the need for a faster clock speed. Some Intel processors get extra power when needed but with a Turbo Boost Technology. Turbo Boost is inactive when not needed, to save on electricity consumption, but will turn on automatically when needed and help the CPU to operate faster than its clock speed.

Need also to remember that comparing the “clock-speed” can only be done between the processors from the same brand. Since the number of cores – within each processor unit CPU – may be different, which is also the technology and how the CPU is made of each brand is very different, therefore, to compare between the CPU clock speed from different brands are unable to provide meaningful information for you.

Most chip board top / High End has two (dual core) or four (quad core) cores. However, comparing the number of cores in processors from different manufacturers are also very difficult. The more cores does not necessarily provide better performance. For example, an Intel dual-core processor in your CPU performance up to 37% higher than other brands of quad-core CPU. If translated into computational terms, this means you can convert 25 songs into MP3 within 5 minutes, or change the size of more than 42 photos in one minute.

Fourth: Graphics Card, Inlaid or separate?

The other thing that is worthy of your consideration when buying a PC Graphics Card. When playing games, watching videos, or install the Blu Ray movies, consumers are now starting to think the quality of their PC graphics. You have a choice between an integrated graphics chip in the CPU or a separate graphics chip.

The mistake that often occurs is the purchase of a computer using a separate graphics card for an expensive board, which coupled with the processor board down / low end, Unfortunately this combination will only slightly improve performance on the graphical display.

To watch video online and a Blu Ray disc, or even multimedia browsing websites such as Facebook, you do not need a computer that uses a separate, expensive graphics card. Integrated graphics chip in new computers today have been designed to perform the task, and if you want to improve your computer performance in applications of computer usage as mentioned previously, it would be better if you upgrade your processor using one CPU tech Intel Core, which will improve the quality of graphics as you see fit, while improving the performance of other aspects of your computer.

If you’re a hardcore 3D games, use computers for architectural or engineering applications, or create complex graphic design, or professional video editing, then buy a separate graphics card is not necessarily an expensive 3D graphics performance advantages are perfect as you expect, if not paired with the appropriate CPU upgrade.

Keep in mind that every computer application executed by the CPU. The advantage gained from the transfer process into a separate graphics card system, only limited to some features of some PC applications related to the graphical display only

Processing speed is the priority of computer users in general, and better performance can be obtained by upgrading the CPU.

So which one should be purchased?

Buying a PC is a big decision. Although you may spend more money to buy a house or car, now the PC has become one of the most important part in your home, whether for communication or entertainment. Purchasing a PC should be considered carefully and based on the activities you will do, as well as the performance you need.Most important thing in determining the appropriate performance is to select the CPU, ‘brains’ PC, which is right.

Therefore, do not bother about the upgrade or additional components that are not needed. Simply make sure that you have chosen the right CPU, then you’ll get the perfect PC performance.


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