Easy Relief

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When we get home from a day in office doing the same thing again and again, or even after simply shopping, the first thing that you’ll be complaining about  is your tired aching feet from too much stress wearing your shoes specially when you wear heels most of the time. What to do at home is soak  your feet in a basin of warm water and add a little mustard on it, and a little oil too. Soaking while rubbing them lightly so mustard is diluted, this will relieve the sore and as well the swelling on your tired feet.

After soaking dab them in towel to dry. Now get your lotion and apply generous amount to your foot and massage the sole with your knuckle. You’ll feel great after giving yourself a quick relief to your aching feet. If you’ll notice the feet is the part of our body that holds and carries everything so  we have to make sure we pamper them fully much.  Always make sure also that you maintain your toenails clean and trim. Itdoes not necessarily mean to  have them polished every week but at least maintain it’s cleanliness by trimming it regularly and pushing them with cuticle remover then brush it to have that fresh look. Always put lotion to your feet or you can try using petroleum gelly as well. Then sleep with your socks on. The next day your feet will be soft and nice looking. Repeat it daily and you’ll notice the difference.


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