Dell Streak

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Dell is now selling phones, on Thursday (August 12) they are going to release their first Andriod powered phone called Dell Streak. The price is up for debate, but right now it is $299 with a new two year AT&T contract and 549.99 without a contract.  You can sign up for a pre-sale of the phone at, where you could pick up in on Thursday; if you don’t have a pre-sale then you would have to wait until Friday to get it.

The streak is said to have a tablet vibe to it with it’s 5-inch touch screen and 800×480 resolution.  It comes with a a 1GHz Qualcomm CPU, a 5MP rear-facing camera, VGA front-facing camera, and 2GB of internal storage.  There is also a microSD slot where you can put up to 32 GB of storage.  Dell put in a custom skin on the Andriod 1.6 user interface.  The screen is made around a landscape device making it feel more like a tablet.

Personally, $299 for a phone seems a little steep when I can get a Driod X from Verizon for $199.  When the device does not even come with updated 2.1 version of Andriod until later this year, it kind of seems like a bummer using a old version.  We would just have to see what happens when the phone comes out and see what people think.


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