Top Five Arizona Diamondbacks Home Run Leaders

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have the briefest, yet already impressive history in Major League Baseball. In 1998, the Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays joined MLB as expansion teams with Arizona starting out strong. The Arizona Diamondbacks derived their early success during the power-hitting era. During their World Series Championship season of 2001, D-Backs hitters combined for 208 homers. While they haven’t had much time to accumulate counting stats, a few players have posted impressive totals as the top home run hitters in Arizona Diamondbacks history.

1. Luis Gonzalez: 224 home runs

The top home run hitter in Arizona Diamondbacks history is left fielder Luis Gonzalez. Before joining the Diamondbacks, Gonzalez’s previous single-season high was 23 home runs. When he went to Arizona, he eclipsed that total six times in eight seasons and absolutely shattered it in 2001. Gonzo slugged 57 home runs and drove in 142 RBI in the 2001 season to finish third in the MVP voting. Gonzalez made five All-Star teams while playing for the Diamondbacks.

2. Steve Finley: 153 home runs

The second leading home run hitter in Arizona Diamondbacks history, center fielder Steve Finley played some of his best years with the organization. From 1999 to 2004, Finley slugged .500 in 849 games with the Diamondbacks. He raked 69 home runs in his first two seasons with the team, earning a spot in the 2000 All-Star Game.

3. Mark Reynolds: 114 home runs

Current third baseman Mark Reynolds is playing just the fourth season of his career, but he already ranks as one of the top home run hitters in Arizona Diamondbacks history. Reynolds raked 44 home runs in 2009, finishing just three short of the National League leader. He has been an all-or-nothing hitter. While consistently posting a slugging percentage at least .200 points above his batting average, he has done so while setting the single season record for strikeouts by a hitter twice, punching out 204 times in 2008 and 223 times in 2009.

4. Matt Williams: 99 home runs

Third baseman Matt Williams hit 378 career home runs with 99 coming in a Diamondbacks’ uniform. Williams spent the last six seasons of his career in Arizona, putting together four decent seasons and an All-Star year in 1999. Williams hit 35 home runs and drove in 142 RBI in 1999, finishing third in the NL MVP voting. He currently sits fourth among Arizona Diamondbacks all-time home run leaders.

5. Chris Young: 91 home runs

In 2010, center fielder Chris Young became a first-time All-Star and caught Jay Bell to reach fifth on the list of Arizona Diamondbacks’ all-time home run leaders. Young reached the Major Leagues in 2006 and had his rookie season with the D-Backs in 2007. In his rookie year, he hit a career-high 32 home runs, adding 27 stolen bases as an emerging power and speed threat. He has added two more 20 homer seasons in the last three years as a top power-hitting center fielder.


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