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They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Does this in fact make it possible for one to consider the face of death a beautiful sight? Why is this that whenever death is mentioned it is usually accompanied by mourning, shudders and chills up one’s spine?

Death is inevitable, unavoidable even and yet everyone spends his/her entire life trying to avoid it. Why?

Death in most cases means the loss of a loved one or someone important to us. May be this is one of the many reasons people don’t usually talk about it. It means saying an eternal good bye. But has anyone considered the possibility of death being an end to a prolonged suffering? Or are we just too selfish to accept it? Doesn’t it also mean victory and defeat?

This explains the principles of war. Most of us have no idea about what happens after death .Some say there is heaven for good souls and hell for the bad ones. Then of course there is the idea of re incarnation. Each religion has its own belief about the aftermath of death. But i still think that are we afraid to know what happens after death or are we too scared of knowing it?

Most of us have at least once wondered what end of our lives would be like. But what is the point of doing so? You can’t predict your future. And the time of your death is as unsure as your future. Didn’t the great Julius Caesar say “Cowards die many times before death”? People shouldn’t live to die but instead live to live.

When faced with death in any form we experience either fear or sadness or both. It is usually associated with darkness and horrifying images. It’s depicted as something to be feared, which is instinctive for us anyway. It is in all probability, because of this fear that we do in all our power to avoid thinking about it. But let’s be true to ourselves can we really escape death? I’ll let you be judge of that.

I admit it is hard and in most cases impossible to look on the brighter side of death. But sometimes it seems like the only way out. It may sound insensitive but sadly, It is the truth.

It is like I said before, death is what you perceive is to be. It may be a beginning or an end, good or evil. For now the only advice I can give you “Don’t be dismayed by good byes. A farewell is a must before we meet again. And meeting again after months, years, lifetime, an eternity is certain for those who are friends.”


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