Eggs Diet

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Eggs have gone from the working mans breakfast to cholesterol raisers and now a diet food? Yes, the incredible, edible egg may just be an incredible weight loss food and energy booster. Why not try adding eggs to your diet.

Two different studies conducted by the Louisiana State University and the Rochester Centre for Obesity in America have showed that people who consumed eggs at breakfast went through the rest of the day consuming on average fewer then  400 calories then people who consumed the same amount of calories with out eggs for breakfast.

Turns out numerous research studies have been conducted recently that show the effectiveness of eggs as an appetite suppressant  Eating eggs makes a person feel fuller for longer then eating other foods, in turn leading a person to consume fewer calories through out their day. Studies followed two groups of like people where one group has eggs for breakfast. The group that had eggs for breakfast consumed on average 400 calories fewer calories during the day then the group that did not have eggs for breakfast, even though the meals of both groups were equal in calories.  One study followed test participants for 8 weeks and saw that the group that consumed eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight then the group that did not. The egg eating group not only lost more weight but also lost nearly twice as many inches from their waistlines. The study also showed that the egg consuming group had more energy thorough out the day then the non egg consuming group.

An increase in energy with a decrease in pounds and a smaller waist line, sounds like a win, win to me. But do keep in mind that at least one of the studies was partly founded by the American Egg Board. Besides being a possible appetite suppressant or weight loss food, eggs are a nutrient-rich food. Besides being low in calories eggs are full of essential amino acids and vitaminssuch as D,B12, E and A. Also don’t forget the zinc, iron and all that great protein which eggs contain.

Personally eggs are one of my favorite foods and I couldn’t be happier with the possibility that a food I love is not only good for me but also can help me loose weight and keep up my energy


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