How To Create A Themed Gift Basket

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What could be more festive than a gift basket? When you arrive at the party with a gift basket in your arms all eyes will be on the basket. They are flashy, practical and above all else they show the recipient you care! Seek out bargains and a gift basket can meet nearly any price point. This works well as a group gift (for instance if a co-worker is having a baby) as you can add more gifts.

Building the gift basket is as easy as choosing a vessel (it doesn’t have to be a basket) it could be a bucket or a box or anything that can hold a variety of items preferably pertaining to your theme. Next you must decide on your theme and begin constructing your basket. When you shop for gift items search through liquidation stores and gift shops for bargains that will help you fill up the basket.

Beach theme: Kids love this type of basket! Instead of a basket use a large sand pail and fill it with a bright beach towel, a frisbee or a beach ball, sunscreen, a beach hat (get creative here).

Movie theme: For the film addict add as many DVD’s as you wish with a chennille throw blanket, popcorn, chocolates and candy, maybe even a pair of slippers.

Picnic theme: Hardware stores often sell picnic baskets that you can fill with packaged food items like jams, crackers, chocolates and candies. You could use this basket and pack it with lunch to surprise a loved one with an instant picnic.

Baby: Skip the common gifts and search for gifts that new Mom’s will truly appreciate. Organic baby lotions and salves are a welcome addition to a baby gift basket. Onesies, booties, blankets and baby mittens make baby’s first days comfortable.

For placement of the gifts add some shredded paper to the base to create a place for the gifts to sit, it helps create height. It is important to play around with the placement until you create a visually appealing configuration. Next up: place the basket on a sheet of cello and wrap it up with a bow, a length of ribbon or a length of raffia, and voila! Your basket is complete!


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