Draw Me A Picture

It was not long when I came home with my daughter
I power the TV to watch the game’s last quarter
A news flash came on the screen to appear
It was something not for my little girl to hear
I turned off the TV report of the same sort of dread
Upon the counter I open my bag, and to this she said,
“Give me the colors to draw a face of every race
A smile at each mile that covers all over the place
I want to see the white clouds high on top of a giraffe
I want to see all the monkeys because they make me laugh
Give me the colors that makes everything look so bright
Where people have fun together and they never fight
Give me the colors for a kite that takes children to the sky
So we become the fireworks on the 4th of July”
I grinned when she said these things of a charming thought
To which I handed her the box of crayons we had bought
Maybe my impressions from her simple expressions
I’m guessing of my sessions, has taught her life’s lessons
She went on to draw that picturesque scene
Some red, some pink, some yellow, some green
‘How’s this one, Daddy? Don’t you just love this color?’
‘It’s great. Here you go,’ and I handed her another

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