Vampires Suck? or Are They Just Horrible

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Really, what’s up with everybody going crazy about the Twilight saga movies?  The books are a great read if you just want to have some fun.  However, the movie is amazingly a sad, sad story though it’s supposed to be this awesomely romantic story.  It’s just funny to see how much romance that’s not present on the screen.  Edward, please start acting!!!  Just being sparkly doesn’t help you with your acting.  I mean, you’re supposed to be having this crazy whirlwind of a romance, but what do you do?!  You say things like…”I love you” and “Will you marry me”…with a straight face???  And Bella, what the heck?  Have some emotion in what you are trying to say to the people that you “love.”  The only moment I felt any emotion from her was from the kiss with Jacob. Hence, I’m looking forward to this spoof of Vampires Suck.  I mean really, they do, no pun intended.  Out of all the vampires that can act in the movies, I sadly think that there’s none.  At least with the spoof, we’ll get a couple more laughs from the slapstick comedy and make fun of the horrible, horrible acting that actually goes on in the Twilight saga movies.


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