Why Consistent Actions Influence Coworkers More Than Words

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Some people pride themselves on their diligent work ethic and genuine love to follow through on tasks that achieve positive results, whereas others are proud of their skill with words and their ability to cleverly craft their thoughts, and end up wondering why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words. After all, are not words the very building blocks of meaningful human interaction? Is effective communication not a skill that any manager would cite as a good one to possess?

The intractable facts behind why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words may seem subtle and difficult to discern at first, but framing a proper understanding may be essential in order to hold the best ground in being able to accurately comprehend why it is that your peers think of you the way they do and what behaviors most alter their assessment.

Actions Cannot Lie

Words are cheap. Someone can very easily say whatever they want to, even if their only purpose or intent in doing so is to affect how others consider them, move forward on their political agenda, inflate perception of their importance or influence, or even outright mislead and misrepresent others. While an action can sometimes be deceptive in nature, one of the key reasons why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words is that someone can say, over and over, that they support you; but until they actually put in the effort to prove that backing and offer valued assistance, the words are empty and pragmatically useless.

Actions Are More Difficult

Someone can gain quite a reputable following for their words. Perhaps their sentences are inspiring, their quips entertaining, or their quotes highly sought-after, but there are definitely human beings who put forth words that have some sort of value, and make a difference in lives. Stringing the proper combination of words together can even be challenging, and we reward those who can do it well by publishing their works or following their verbal exploits; however, in the office environment, those who wonder why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words need only look to the graphic designer forming new logos, the executive director making difficult budget decisions, or the marketing manager deciding on new promotional choices, and ask: Though words are the tools used to convey their choices and results, was it harder to deliver the words or the effort required to make them true?

Actions Have Direct Effects

Although it can be argued that words affect us and our surroundings directly, the fact remains that words more often impact us on an invisible, intangible level, often by merely causing a flux in thoughts and emotions before they meaninglessly drift onward. Actions, on the other hand, change worlds and alter lives. Especially when solely considering the office environment, one provocative aspect of why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words is to consider which scenario is more influential: A worker sitting at his desk talking out loud all day but performing no work, or a worker who remains silent but finishes every task on his or her to-do list?

The exquisitely complex interplay between words and actions will always provide a source of interesting introspection for many. However, within the confines of the cubicle set, one will have to stop wondering why consistent actions influence coworkers more than words and simply accept that you can yak at a coworker all day and leave unchanged, but the true bonds of teamwork are forged in the projects completed together by deed, not by speech.


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