The Expenses Involved In Running An Office

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Although they can vary in size, scope, and style, there are always expenses involved in running an office, even if the specific amounts involved may differ on a case-by-case basis. Any office manager can probably quickly cite some of the items they most often have to replenish, or which projects have proven to be the biggest burden on their budget.

Even with rewards programs, corporate accounts, and innovative promotions, vendors and big-box shops still usually only slightly lesson the blow caused by expenses involved in running an office. In order to better understand the source of these costs, it is essential to discern the sources of these office expenses.

Infrastructure Overhead

As long as a brick-and-mortar type of location stays open, it must be paying some form of rent, property taxes, and other line items just to have a spot to conduct business. Then, to keep that place going, whether a large corporate headquarters or humble mom-and-pop operation, keeping the lights on involves paying bills on electricity usage, heating, maintenance, water, etc. Many of the same fees found in home ownership can be found in the expenses involved in running an office, and can become even more complex and sizable when cast in the light of the business world.

Office Supplies

Those paper clips, staples, ink cartridges, pens, business cards, and other small items may seem like a minor aspect of the expenses involved in running an office, but their overall effect can definitely create a sapping effect on the budget. Companies like Office Depot stake their entire livelihoods on the fact that businesses need these seemingly cheap objects to continue operating, and that fact will remain true for any enterprise, whether a small start-up or massive conglomerate. From computers and other information technology to the copy machine and other office appliances, everything a worker touches throughout a working day probably institutes an expense that the organization must account for.

Human Resources

Then there are the employees themselves, often the most valuable part of the business both literally and figuratively. It is definitely one of the more significant expenses involved in running an office to have to pay the workers, and not only maintain their wages, but also pay for insurance, health care, and other potential costs.

Once the physical building, useful tools, and the workers to use them are all assembled, a profitable business ensues, one with revenue profits that outweigh the necessary expenses involved in running an office. Ensuring that such a positive trend persists is the responsibility of office managers worldwide.


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