Dragon Age Ii, A Preview of What's to Come

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Dragon Age II, the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins promises to be vastly improved from the first game of the series. For one thing, it is said to take place over the course of a decade, which implies that the game will be much more involved and detailed from the first (if that were even possible). Also, character creation will be a little different, but the overall ability to build up your character will be basically the same. Combat also will be very similar, whereas the graphics will see a great improvement.

You begin your journey as Hawke, who can be played as a male or female Human. You are able to choose your class and how your character looks and leveling.  One big change that many are looking forward to is your character being fully voiced during dialogue and cut scenes, bringing a new life to the story.

Hawke begins as one of the refugees at Lothering. If you played the first game, you know Lothering as the small town hosting refugees from the Blight that is destroyed soon after you and your party depart. This is where the story starts out. It is said that your character will start out as a lowly refugee and be able to rise through the ranks to become a hero. Your character will need some help along the way, which is why there are some brand new party members to add to your team. So far, there are four new party members confirmed. If it is anything like Dragon Age: Origins, I am sure there will be more to come. These are the ones so far:

Bethany – Hawke’s Sister

Cassandra – An Inquisitor who has a burning interest in Hawke

Varric – A dwarf story teller

Flemeth – Shapeshifter and Morrigan’s mother. You will know her if you played the first game.

Dialogue will be similar, but producers say that there will be loads more dialogue options with more detailed choices that greatly affect the outcome of the game overall. This feature, for me, is the most exciting one because the dialogue and character interaction was one of the most satisfying parts of the first game. You can make characters love your or make them hate you, it is all your choice.

It is also said that, if you played the first game through, you will be able to transfer save data from Origins into Dragon Age II. As DAII starts toward the end of Origins, it will be interesting to see how your choices in Origins affects your character in the new game. Especially if you decided to kill Flemeth in Origins, who is a supposed party member in DAII.

All in all, this game promises to be a winner. In my opinion, Dragon Age: Origins was one of the best RPG’s ever made. It will be interesting to see how Dragon Age II will improve upon its near perfection.


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