Some Unusual Ways to Save Money

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Crisis will not over in short time. We have to save our money to face the crisis. A penny is very important today. Do not waste your money.  There are some ways to save your money. Perhaps these lists are unusual ways to save money.

Keep your health

Healthy is the most important asset. We can collect million dollars if we have health body. We can work hard to achievement our goal if our body is fit. Do not ever neglect your health.

To prevent health, you have to eat healthy food. You should avoid junk food or fast food that is not good for your health.

You need to exercise too. You can run around your village everyday. If you have a disease or pain, you have to consul your doctor. The doctor may suggest the exercise that appropriate for you.

Use Cash

Some people may suggest credit card to thrift the spending. I think it must be wrong. Using credit card does not thrift your spending but it will eat your money. Credit card charges some fee. On the other hand, using cash has no fee.

Maintenance your asset

Service your asset soon. For example, you should service the roof soon before rain comes. The rain drop may flood your floor. If you delay the maintenance, you should service not only roof but also floor. You will spend more money if you delay the service.

You can get benefit from your assets too. You can rent your house rather than leave it.


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