Hell's Kitchen Winner Is….

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Who won Hell’s Kitchen 2010? The winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 7  I feel will be  Holli Ugalde. The finale next week August 10, is going to be quite amusing. You have blue-haired Jay verses flirty Holli. While the two lovebirds compete for the chance to be the new head chef in the Savoy Hotel, the rest of the crew comes back to help at the finale, which always leads to drama, tension, and a few setbacks for the final two.

From watching this season I predicted Jay would be in the top along with Benjamin to face off for the title. But after watching the August 3 episode, I am so glad Ben got the boot, because he was just way too arrogant, cocky, and quite annoying to watch. I couldn’t stomach him anymore.

I have to say Holli has been quite consistent. At this point in time, I can not see her go away a loser for the simple fact she has never been up for elimination. For instance, last night even though Holli got the puree wrong, her dish was delicious according to Gordon Ramsey. Jay chose the wrong protein, which to me was the most important part of the dish.

Both of these contenders have the potential to be the winner, but who has the heart, and attitude to go along with their cooking skills? Holli does of course. In the beginning of the show, Ugalde was making small mistakes and really the underdog. Lately, Holli has proved us wrong and is really shining now. If she keeps her feeling for Jay undercover, and fights with all she has with her cooking skills no doubt she will win.

I personally don’t see Jay & Holli as a couple. I feel she can do much better than the blue smurf. I got in contacted with with of my friends who predicts for Bachelor, Bachelorette, and other reality shows to see what her thoughts were on this.

Her predictions were as followed:

Holli will win 90% sure of this. Also Holli and Jay will still be together. A marriage proposal a few months from now can be possible, but highly doubt it.

So there you have it. Can it be? Well, after my predictions have been right on for Bachelorette why not? Holli was the winner!!!!


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