Greatest Dashan of All

The king and queen had a great love and admiration for him for his great talent, particularly for his kind, good-natured and warm-hearted quality. Consequently, they wanted him to be the consort in the near future to come; however, they did not know for sure as to whether he loved the princess at heart; then they made up their mind to try him if one day the chance would come. Finally, the king came up with a compelling and clear plan which he secretly put a ferocious and big lion in a cage and the princess in another cage in order that Dashan would choose one of the two cages. As a brave man and deeply in love with the princess, Dashan decided immediately which cages he would choose from, though, he knew that if he mistakenly chose one of these cages, he would lose his life on the spot by the lion.

Unluckily, fortune did not smile with the Dashan as he pointed out to choose a cage having locked the lion inside; yet, since it was a try for him, he was set free from being torn by the aggressive lion. To this end, the king confidently allowed Dashan to marry his daughter, beautiful princess; and the wedding party was arranged one month afterwards. By the time, the preparation for the wedding began, there has been a bad news on the invasion of a neighboring country; and then the wedding was postponed until the rebellion settled.

In a matter of great urgency, Dashan was chosen to negotiate with the invader by moral examples instead of armed force. He listened to what the invader wanted and expected, at first the negotiation was not in smooth water and was unsure of much compromise. At last, both sides came to a deal because Dashan made reasonable concessions to the invader that he compromised to lend aid to the invader like food, medical treatment, etc; the invader, in return, stopped the war and retreated his troop from Dashan’s country at once.

In the end, Dashan created the win-win situation, for he successfully adopted his philosophy to deal with difficult people like the invader. After the rebellion resolved, the wedding party started and turned out to be the most beautiful and happiest day Dashan has ever spent in his life. Ten years later, after the king’s death, Dashan was deserved to be next in line to the throne and the princess became the queen; from then onwards the couple lived happily with their children to the end of time.

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