Your Word Should Be Your Bond

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For instance, you may invite a colleague to give his input at a Business Development function that is extremely valuable to you. That colleague gave you his word that he will be there and be on time. Because of this assurance, you went as far as to mention to the people in charge that this colleague would undoubtedly be at that engagement. He further stated that, on the evening in question, both of you can travel together.

 As the time approaches to attend the function he is nowhere to be found. You called him on his mobile several times, but he does not answer. You do not want to be late for this important event, so you travel alone.

 Arriving at that engagement you have to explain the no-show of your colleague. The evening did not go well for you.

 At work, the following day, you decided not to say anything to that colleague just to see if he will give an explanation. Instead, he avoided you and cannot face you. Should you approach him and demand an explanation?  You should, even though it can be a bit embarrassing. Be courteous. It will be exceedingly difficult to trust that person again. He has proven that he is unreliable and has no integrity.

When you give your word, follow through with it even if it is to your loss. In doing so you would gain the respect and admiration of all those who have placed their trust in you.


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