How to Get a Nuke in Mw2 Easy And Fast!

     So, you want to get a nuke? A nuke is a nuclear bomb in mw2 (call of duty, modern warfare 2). You can only get it at 25 kills. But 25 kills! That seems really high, doesn’t it? But does 7 kills seem high? That’s all you need to get for your nuke!

    Let’s first discuss what weapons, what attachments, and what perks.

Weapons: For an easy nuke, I recommend an assault rifle. They are very powerful, and have lots of ammo. Good assault rifles I recommend are:

  1. Famas (Not really recommend for beginners because it has a 3 round burst and most people will die from this)

  2. Scar-H: A very high powered assault rifle with good accuracy.

  3. Tar: Let’s face it, it’s the best assault rifle in the game. It’s high powered, has a big magazine, and relatively good accuracy (it has a bit of recoil, but with practice it won’t matter).

  4. Ak-47 (this is at level 70, and most of you have probably prestiged or not reached that level).

There are more assault rifles, but these are the better ones.

     Now let’s move onto attachments. If your trying to get a nuke, I recommend a silencer so people won’t find where you are. But some people like sights such as red dot sight or holographic. You might want to put a grenade launcher (otherwise known as a “noob-tube”). But for a nuke, use a silencer.

    Perks can be hard to choose. There as just so many! There are 3 perks slots.

  1. For the first perk, I recommend Scavenger Pro. If your going to get a nuke, you’ll need lots of ammo. Scavenger lets you resupply from fallen enemies. And if you have pro (to get pro, you need to resupply a number of times) you get extra ammo at the starting of the game!

  2. For the second perk, I highly recommend cold-blooded. Most people don’t even know what this is. It hides you from air support (harriers, pave lows, sentries, etc), hides you from UAV’s (very, very, helpful), and makes you not appear white in thermal (so those noob thermal people don’t kill you). Cold-blooded pro helps a bit, but isn’t really easy to get (some might disagree). Cold-Blooded Pro hides the red name over your person, and makes the cross hairs not turn red when put over you. Most people use stopping power, but this will save you.

  3. For your third perk, I highly recommend Ninja Pro. Ninja will hide you from heartbeat sensors (some people dont know where you are immediately. Ninja Pro will make your foot steps silent so people will headsets won’t hear you coming.

    What you’ll need to do is go to your kill streak rewards setup, and select the following rewards:

  • 7 Kills: Harrier Strike – A really powerful hovering airplane that will kill any enemies that walk by it. 

  • 11 Kills: Chopper Gunner – I can’t describe how powerful this helicopter is. You can easily get multikills, triple kills, and more. If you practice with this a bit, it’s pretty much a guaranteed nuke.

  • 25 Kills: A nuke – Do I really need to explain?

So, let me explain this setup. You will have to get 7 kills by yourself. It may be a lot to some people, but if you try hard enough you WILL get it. Look around corners for campers, try flash/stuns before you enter a place where you think there are enemies, and most of all, if you get a guy not looking and your behind him, don’t play around, Just kill him. You don’t want to risk him turning around and knifing you. So after you get the 7 kills, you’ll get a laptop which will control where you want to set the harrier strike. You will want to put it where you think multiple enemies might be. If you see a few dots, set it there. Then it should get the 4 kills pretty easily. Then, the chopper gunner. Go somewhere REALLY safe. Because when you are controlling this, enemies can easily kill you. But 1 tip: Don’t run out across a high enemy zone to get to a safe spot. Go in a corner or something. Once you call it in, you’ll want to get kills with it as fast as you can, for 4 reasons.

  1. People will shoot it down because they get annoyed of dieing from it.

  2. They like annoying you.

  3. They don’t want you to get a nuke.

  4. It will go away sooner then you think.

If you’ve done everything right, you will get a nuke symbol on your screen asking if you want to set it off. Set it off, and wait 8 seconds. Everyone will die, and you’ll get the kill. Your team will win. You might want to mute the other team because they’ll be pretty mad, haha. Have fun, and don’t get stressed. Just try again.

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