Decorating Information For Painting Walls & Ceilings

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You can find abundant decorating information for painting walls and ceilings from a variety of sources. From these sources you can learn all the latest trends and techniques and even develop your own decorating ideas. The main sources for decorating information for painting walls and ceilings include the public library, bookstores, home improvement and interior decorating stores and the Internet.

Public Library

Visit the local public library to find books and magazines with decorating information on painting walls and ceilings.Books available include: Paint Can! Children’s Rooms: Patterns & Projects for Colorful, Creative Spaces, by Sunny Goode; House Beautiful 500 makeovers, Kate Sloan; and The Essential House Book: Getting Back to Basics to name just a few. Magazines available include: Better Homes & Gardens; Vogue; Interiors:and House Beautiful, to name just a few. Read books and magazine articles, check out books and copy articles with information you need.

Local Book Stores

Visit local book stores to find the latest decorating information available on painting walls and ceilings. You can peruse books and magazines until you find something that you want or need and then buy it and take it home with you to study at your convenience. You can even order books and magazines that is not currently in stock. Books you will find in book stores include: Projective Stenciling, by Linda Buckingham, It teaches how to project an image and then paint it; and The Painted Room, by Kelly Skinner, it provides creative ideas for interior design.

Local Home Improvement Stores

Visit you local home improvement store to find all of the decorating materials you need to paint your walls and ceilings and to obtain additional information. You can price the materials you need and figure out how much your project will cost. Talk to the employees in the paint center to obtain little known information that you did not get from the books and magazines and obtain color charts and other information on various types of paint and other materials.

Local Interior Decorating Stores

Visit your local interior decorating store and access the same type of information as at the home improvement store except here you can talk with actual professional decorators for more in depth and unique information. They can share their ideas and expertise with you some of which maybe totally new information to you. You may even find a professional you want to hire.

The Internet

Conduct Internet research to find decorating information for painting walls and ceilings. The Internet offers a wealth of information on home improvement and decorating topics. Examples include: Ceiling Decorating Tips; How to Paint a Ceiling; and, How to Faux Anyone can faux Finish. In addition to articles and tutorials there are forums where you can ask questions and get help from knowledgeable people from all over the world. Examples of forums and discussions include: Painting – Prepping Kitchen Walls and Ceiling for Painting; Paint ceiling white or the color of the walls?; and Ceiling Paint in Bathrooms.


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