Spotting The Signs … Is Your Kids Huffing?

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If you don’t no what huffing is I will tell you. Huffing is were the kids use paint, glue, and other items to get hi 

each time they huff they need more and this is were the danger come in.  Damage to the liver,kidneys,spleen, and 

the brain can follow  DEATH can happen even after the first time if your pre teen or teens is moody not acting like 

hem or her self . If you see traces of glue on the clothes or on there body if he or she louses there appetite , 

drowsiness, if they star in to space or indistinct speech. Possession of plastic bags. Restlessness at night

In hopes of preventing the problem from happening in the first place it may be wise to warn your child of the dangers

of huffing before he or she tries to experiment with solvents huffing often starts because of boredom, so you need to 

encourage them to take part in activities that will hold there interest.

REMEMBER, this can happen to a girls as well as a boys.

I hope this helps you to stop your child from ever start huffing .The immediate effects are similar to those of 

excessive alcohol consumption.


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