Could You Date a Stripper

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It should not be a huge deal, unless one is really insecure of the current relationship. It’s not like they are having sex with strange men or women. It’s nudity; hidden and subliminal sexuality, in which the fantasy is conveyed through them. Even with the lack of overt sex and sexuality, even if one worked as a porn star, should they not be entitled to a life, too. Whether they strip or perform adult sex acts, their significant other must ask themself do they love them enough to be able to accept that reality. If they are too insecure over their romantic union, then they should consider parting ways. But whether they strip or perform sex acts in front of a camera, these are not relationships and is strictly work in a growing relationship.

Viewing the absolute fragility of many modern relationships nowadays, usually over smaller issues, dating somebody who strips should not be viewed as being such a terrible impediment to either dating or marrying them. It’s the insecurity that usually has to be overcome. However, having a romantic partner who has the type of a body for exotic dancing should be a plus for any man or woman. It’s the insecurities and outright jealousies that can doom such a relationship, overwhelming the strong and natural feelings of love. But for a prospective partner, a really sexy body of a stripper is a definite plus and something that should be considered. Getting over the insecurities that go with being with such a person, who bares their body to strangers for money is the issue, and something that has to be mulled over first.

If it isn’t thought over carefully, problems are going to happen in the relationship. They’re going to happen one way or another. Mitigating them means also being able to know that the person’s body may be bared, but you are the one who really sees it and fully experiences its shape, contours and sexuality. Many men and women are very comfortable with it over that fact, and are proud to have a relationship with somebody who has such a knock-out body. Of course, even the most perfect romantic unions will have problems-or else the couples are not really alive..or even together. Weigh the pros and cons. But if you love somebopdy enough, it is possible to deal with any problem or contingency, whether real or imagined.


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