The Blushing Bride : What it Takes…

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So, lets look at the easiest way to apply a little color to your cheeks. Remember… less is more. The heat, the excitement and a ton of other circumstances will come into play today. Here is my favorite way to add a touch of color so that you look… radiant!!

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes
Here’s How:

1. Choose a blush brush that works best for you. The big fluffy kind might not be your choice, so pick what YOU like to work with.

2. Pick up a little color on the brush.

3. Tap brush on hard surface to remove excess color.

4. Locate ‘apple’ of your cheeks.

5. Apply just a dusting of color using small circular movements.

6. Using same brush, blend to hide edges.

7. When your makeup is completely finished, check one last time. You may find that you need just a little more.

A good rule of thumb is to toss blush after six months to avoid getting infections caused by bacteria build-up. Keep your blush brush as clean as possible!

Do you have a few of shades of blush in your makeup collection? Try combining the colors to make new ones. You will be surprised at the number of shades you can create.

It doesn’t take as long to sweep a little powdered shadow onto your cheekbones, but it doesn’t last very long. Try smoothing a little cream blush on before applying the powdered blush to make the color last longer.

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