Edison Job Guide: The Best Careers In Edison, New Jersey

Although many people haven’t heard of this township, Edison, New Jersey is not only the home of Thomas Edison’s lab (where he invented the incandescent light bulb) but has also won numerous awards for one of the best places to live, one of the best places to grow up, and one of the safest places for women in the country.  With all of these accolades, it is no wonder that many people look for careers in Edison. 

  1. Sales.  As with many cities in New Jersey, sales is the most promising career.  The field of sales is a wide one, with many different settings.  A salesperson may sell products that meet a particular need or work in a general retail store.  Someone may sell high-end clothing or discount tools.  Salespeople may work on commission or receive an hourly wage.  Often, when a person has been employed for long enough and shown promise in sales, he or she is promoted to management.
  2. Healthcare.  Another field with a wide variety of careers, healthcare provides many promising opportunities in Edison, NJ.  Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and dentists are all needed in this township, as well as nursing assistants, medical assistants, and receptionists.  Healthcare professionals can work in clinics, offices, trauma centers, hospitals, and HMOs, and each setting provides a very different atmosphere.  As the population of the township grows, more healthcare professionals are expected to be needed.
  3. Marketing.  Marketing is a career that can often involve telecommuting, and a marketer in Edison may have clients around the country or even the globe.  Marketers must be careful to pay special attention to what their clients want while also realizing that they are the professionals who know how to make that happen, often more so than the clients.  Marketers can work as freelancers, for a marketing firm, or in-house for another company, firm, or organization.
  4. Information Technology.  Most companies and firms need an IT department.  As most transactions are now computerized, it is vital to a business’s success that their computers are functional.  While many information technology professionals work for specific IT firms that contract with clients, some are freelancers and others work in-house for a particular business.  These professionals often have computer science degrees, but employers tend to look more at experience than education.

In addition to these careers listed, Edison is currently undergoing a revitalization project, and encouraging people to submit business proposals.  The township may be the perfect place for entrepreneurs to get their start.  The low crime, good schools, and many opportunities for recreation draw people to Edison.

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