Why Comedies Make me Angry

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         There are many things wrong with comedy nowadays even British ones. I don’t favouritise towards British comedy, but on a whole its generally better in my opinion. However there are a few shows that I can cope with and actually enjoy which are not British, for example Psych, Scrubs. Ok so two, I’m sure there a few good shows out there that I have yet to see…Yeah…

           So why do comedies anger me? Well on TV shows it seems to be that they sell out there real fans for a larger fanbase. Now this wouldn’t annoy me if it was a brand new show. But a show like ‘The Mighty Boosh’ well lets just say I hope they never release another series! The first two series’ were amazing, the first especially in my opinion. I still watch and laugh when I see them, but the third. Well let’s just say I would rather watch half an hour of the US version of ‘The Office’ (which admittedly has a few funny parts, just the fact that it will never live up to the British version which angers me) than watch 5 minutes of an episode from the third series (although a few episodes I wouldn’t mind to watch) 

          Now what annoys me about comedy films, well apart from a few. They are well…shit. I mean lets be honest, would you go watch an action film if half of it was about skipping through fields of flowers with blue creatures, oh, wait. Sorry I forgot about ‘Avatar’. That’s where twilight fails, and fails hard. It ruins vampires for all men and children (yes that’s right Stephanie Meyer your the one making all the boys who like there vampires bloodthirsty and all the girls who like there vampires manly instead of shiny cry, yeah well done!) It is trying to be to many things at once, Action, Love and Fantasy. I mean come on choose one already! Or at least do a decent attempt at action and love oh and fantasy! I seem to have gone off on a rant, what I am meaning to say is that majority of comedy films now try and be something else like a love story.

          These things called ‘Romcoms’ I mean what genius came up with that concept. I imagine the person who came up with it had about a month to live and thought how can I make my mark on the world, oh yeah by being a dick. I mean some are watchable, but to get to the point of enjoyable I’m not so sure.

          Now I’m not insulting all comedy films, like I enjoyed ‘Role Models’ and sure there were aspects of love in it, but it did it with a comedy style. I’m also not insulting all non-British comedy or comedians, Psych and Scrubs are very enjoyable. And that comedian which the Americans have, what’s his name..oh yeah Justin Bieber, well he is just hilarious!

          So to put it as a few simple words, next time I sit down to have a good old laugh I will put on ‘Dark Place’ or ‘Flight of the conchords’ (I don’t care who created that, the songs are amazing) and yes I will be happy with my bizarre comedy, and I shall be happy to sit by myself as other people enjoy crying and laughing while watching Twilight. Well who needs them anyway?


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