How to Get More Subscribers on Youtube

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Hello, in this tutorial I will show you how to get more subscribers on You Tube. OK let’s start:

OK first of all create a popular commentary video like “O my god Michael Jackson is dead” in High Definition then if a guy asks you about the video or he needs help you have to help him as much as you can and if it helps him he might subscribe you it’s to be active. Post to your channel as much as you can your activity about your videos. Be nice with your subscribers.

Be unique. Create a video that isn’t in you tube. Reply to all comments. If someone writes a comment to your video respect he’s opinion other thing is good video titles. Make good video titles. Nobody are interested on poor video titles they wont watch your video. Add friends, chat with them and they might subscribe to you. If you have time leave comments on other videos. If you leave a comment on somebody’s video I think he will do that on yours. Don’t make poor videos. Example: Bad quality, boring and all that stuff. Make a tutorial video. If you help the viewer with your tutorial he might subscribe to you. Legit channel. Make a contest. Example: Subscribe to enter the competition. I think you will get many subscribers.

That’s it. Good luck making more subscribers.


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