Flood In Pakistan (Part 03)

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The rain had ceased, but the night was dark and the incessant croaking of frogs, the lowing of the distressed cattle, and the shouts of men filled the air. A chill wind was blowing. Our courtyard was filled with running water, almost knee-deep, and the water was still rising. We could distinguish, in the dim distance, the dark forms of some barges going up and down rescuing the villagers and their cattle, and carrying them to some place of safety. We shouted to them and waited, shivering and anxious. At last two barges came to our courtyard too. We got into the open. The current was in our favour, and so we glided along without much difficulty, though when we saw the huge forms of some uprooted trees floating towards us, we were filled with fear. At length, without any mishap, the barges reached a place of safety, and disembarked a host of bewildered men and women, weeping children and terrified animals. We lifted up our voices in prayer to the Almighty Who had saved us from terrible death.

We had stayed there for about three days, leading a very rough and uncomfortable life indeed, when report was brought that the floods had gone down considerable, and that we could return. We looked forward expectantly to reach our dear homes. But when we went there, what a sight it was that met our eyes! Our fair village lay almost ruined. Many of the house on the banks had totally disappeared, and those that remained looked as if they had been untenanted for years. As we went along we saw various household articles lying about spoilt and broken–some even floating on the river. Our own house, which was on a higher level than most others, was safe, though the cowsheds and one side of the house itself were badly damaged.

It took us a long time to recover.  Many were the lamentations of the poor who had lost their all in the floods. None of us have yet forgotten the grim terribleness of that awful night, listening to the patter of the rain, we shudder and think of the cruel flood that overwhelmed us five days ago.

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