The Turkish Language

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Turkish is a language that is grouped with the Turkic languages. it is also commonly disputed that it belongs to the proposed Altaic language.

Turkish is the biggest of the Turkic language family, it is the native tongue of over 80+ million people. Turkish is the official language of Turkey, and some other countries. Turkey is a recognized language in mny countries as well. Many Turkish people migrate to many countries in Europe and in America, so Turkish is very widely recognized there,

Turkish follows the latin alphabet, and has a turkish variant on that. Turkish used to have an arabic script, but it was changed in July 1928 in part of Mustafa kemal Ataturks language reforms. Turkish used an old style ottoman script before the languge reform. this old script used Arabic and Persian letters.

the Turkish Language Association (TDK) was established in the year 1932 under the commands of Ataturk. the TDK’s main goal is to condct research about the Turkish language. The TDK made language reforms, like replacing arabic loanwords.

The Turkish language has no definite articles. Turkish is an agglutinative language and uses affixes and suffixes.  One word may have more then one affix, and this can be used to make new words and change meanings. the last syllables of a word are usually stressed.

Turkish is a very fun and interesting language to learn, i would really reccomend it!


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