Flood In Pakistan (Part 01)

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When heavy rains fall, or when the snow on the hills begins to melt with the summer’s heat, rivers get swollen. When this continues for some time, the water rise beyond the banks of rivers and overspread the neighbouring ground. In Pakistan and India this happens frequently during the monsoon. The rains keep on pouring for days, especially in the hills ehrer rivers rise, and huge quantities of water find their way into the rivers. The rivers swell rapidly; sometimes the water rises six to twelve feet in one or two hours.

When the rivers are not heavily flooded there is no great danger. In fact, flooded rivers help to make the country on either side of them fertile by depositing alluvial soil. But when the floods rise higher they do untold damage to life and property. Houses are washed away; crops  are destroyed; trees are uprooted; cattle are killed; and even human beings are caught in the torrents or all killed by falling houses.

It is difficult to realise the horrors of a flood unless we see one for ourse. Some time ago I witnessed the terrors of a flood in my village. The river Ravi which flows by our village was in flood. The sky had been heavily overcast for many days, and it had been raining ceaselessly for over a week. Away in the hills probably it had been raining ceaselessly for almost a month. The river Ravi was rising rapidly and perceptibly, and many were the anxious prayers aou villagers offeredpitiate the God Almighty.

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