How to choose the right golf ball

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2 piece vs.. 3 piece:
2 piece balls are harder, low spin, and inexpensive. They are a great choice for beginners to start out with. (Most beginners will lose many balls when they start to golf, so the least amount of money spent on the balls the better.) 3 piece balls are soft, high spin, and more expensive. Most amateurs and pros use 3 piece balls because they give you more control and spin allowing you to more easily guide the ball where you want too.

Distance, control, spin?
A ball made for more distance will be harder and have less spin allowing you to add yards onto your shots. A ball designed for more control will be softer and give you the ability to more control the flight of the ball. A ball designed for more spin will allow you to get more backspin for those shots over bunkers onto the green, or those shots where you need to control that curve. The harder the ball the further it will roll after landing, the softer the ball the quicker it will stop after landing.

When choosing a ball begginers should start with an inexpensive 2 piece ball. As you become a more skilled player and your losing less balls you should start to move into a more expensive ball. Try out all the different types of ball’s to see what works for you and your style of play. Not every player will use the same type of ball, some players like to add yards to thier shots and others would rather have more control over the balls flight.


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