Tim Tebow's New Jesus-Style Haircut?

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Tim Tebow, the former Florida QB was a surprise first-round pick of the Denver Broncos and now he is going to have to prove his worth on the field in preseason and training camp.

Tebow will also have to show humility as a rookie and in pictures of Tebow’s new haircut on the Internet, it seems as if he is being taught that lesson in that regard.

Forget about Tebow carrying helmets and shoulder pads, this seems much more of a mental challenge for Tebow, whose new haircut has drawn a lot of laughs from photos that have emerged of him. To see them simply Google his name or go to the Broncos’ website.

Tebow has had his entire head shaved except for a circle of hair around the edges of his head. It almost looks like a wreath or a crown on his head.

Could this be a play on the people who jokingly refer to Tim Tebow as “Jesus” or some kind of “savior” because of how the media glorifies him as a player that can’t do anything wrong on or off the field?

Combined with his beard, he definitely looks reminiscent many of the different depictions of Jesus in different artworks. He also looks a bit like Julius Caesar, some have also mentioned that it makes him look like a monk as well.

That’s of course not to say Tim Tebow actually is like Jesus or anything like that, but that is the guess here as to why he has the new haircut that was forced upon him by the Broncos along with the rest of the rookies on the team.

The pictures of the haircut can be found across the web so take a look and let’s hear what you have to say about it.

The pictures of Tim Tebow’s new haircut are hilarious to say the least, that’s for sure.

This Tebow incident is an interesting example of a creative prank that other NFL teams should copy for their rookie hazing rituals as it is not dangerous or anything to that effect.


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