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Fans, this Starcraft 2’s User Name Creation FAQ will answer a few questions about setting up a new name for your account on SC 2: Wings of Liberty. For more help on this matter contact Blizzard’s customer service department or visit

The game’s online names are important to many people so here are a few answers to some questions new Starcraft 2 players might have.

Q: Is your e-mail name your play name in Starcraft 2?

A: No, you will create a new user name after intiial account setup.

Q: Can you create more than one account on one SC 2 game?

A: As of right now, no. You will only have one account so you and friends or siblings will have to play on it together.

Q: Is your name on unique?

A: No, your user name on Starcraft 2 online can be copied so there could be multiple versions of people named you running around on the game playing against others. Who knows, you might even have an evil twin out ther.e

Q: What is your user name also referred to as?

A: Character name is the other name for your SC 2 user name.

Q: Can you change your name after picking it on

A: As of right now, no, but some fans are hoping that changes after picking original names.

Q: Is your account from SC1 going to carry over?

A: No, you must pick a new name and of course your stats are new as well for Starcraft 2 online.

Thanks to the fans of SC 2 for reading the Starcraft 2 User Name Creation FAQ, have fun online playing what could be the game of the year for 2010 so far.


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