Gainesville Job Guide: The Best Careers In Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville may not be the most well-known city in Florida, but most people have heard of the University of Florida, located in this city.  The area that is now Gainesville has been inhabited by various people groups for thousands of years and currently has an extremely low cost of living, causing many people to consider relocating to the area.  Anyone considering moving to or pursuing a career in Gainesville should seriously consider one of the following fields, as they are the most promising.

  1. Healthcare.  As with many parts of the country, Gainesville is experiencing a surge in open healthcare positions.  These positions can take many different forms, including the jobs of nurses, doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, and pharmacists.  Nurses and doctors are perhaps the most common positions thought of, but as the public becomes more accepting of treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture, these fields are growing quickly as well.  In addition, more entry-level positions such as nursing assistants and medical assistants are needed when other healthcare positions are added.  These particular positions require little or no schooling and some on-the-job training.
  2. Administrative services.  This field is an extremely wide one, as administrative services are required in a variety of settings.  Offices are the first place that most people think of when “administrative services” are mentioned, but just about any business, organization, institution, or firm requires some sort of administrative service.  These services may take the form of filing, dictation, scheduling, payroll, or many other duties.  Some small offices have only one administrative assistant who does everything while others have various employees who each specialize or even contract out with specialty administrative firms.
  3. Medical billing and coding.  Another field that is growing incredibly quickly in the United States is that of medical billing and coding.  It is difficult to figure out the ins and outs of medical insurance and trained professionals are needed to deal with the codes and billing.  These professionals are vital to hospitals and doctors’ offices that need to get paid by medical insurance companies.
  4. Dentistry.  Along with various aspects of healthcare, dentistry is a rising field in this city.  Of course, it is not just dentists who are needed in the field of dentistry.  Dental hygienists are in high demand, and dental assistants and receptionists are also needed.  These professions usually provide regular hours and a clean working environment.  Dentists need a college degree and advanced degree, while other professionals need limited education and mostly on the job training.

Gainesville’s main economic problem is that it has a large population of college-educated people and a fairly small job market.  This may lead to a bit more searching than usual when trying to find a career in Gainesville.  However, with perseverance, and if you are looking in the best fields, you should be able to find an opportunity that suits you.

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