Self Hypnosis For Breaking The Smoking Habit

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I need to explain this habit a little so you can better understand this addiction. I started smoking at around my 12th year of life. It was more than a habit it was a crutch. When I first married and my marriage began to fail I went into shock and my smoking became the comforter. My habit increased daily and soon I was lighting one off the other and four packs a day became a common practice with me. A lot of people argue that this is not a addiction but a habit. They have never found themselves crawling around the fireplace looking for butts with small amounts of tobacco to roll up in brown paper just to smoke. They have never picked up their three small children all under five, and walked five miles to a store for one pack of cigarettes.

It became paramount that I kick this habit when cigarette prices began to grow. The cost at that time grew to one dollar a pack. Four dollars a day was devastating to my budget being a single mom and raising three children. The traditional way of quilting was also way to costly. I had read many self help books and knew that I had over the years taught myself to love to smoke. I had convinced myself that if I tried to stop that I might have a nervous break down. I knew that I had programmed myself with this habit and must reprogram myself.

I looked into my future I was getting ready to move into a new home in a couple of months. I set that as my target date to quit. I started every night, as I laid down to sleep, to tell myself how I hated smoking. In a few weeks I noticed I was smoking less and less. I used self hypnosis until my target date. I was down to my worst two smokes, the one after you eat, when I moved into my new home. I defeated them also as I had promised myself.

This story is not to interesting as I am sure many have done the same thing except I have to admit I haven’t exactly gave up smoking. I some how have just quit while I am awake. I moved my habit into my dreams. I still smoke like a freight train in my dreams and still chain smoke, the whole nine yards. At least my health is better and the cost isn’t destroying my life. I am now very calm and didn’t have a nervous breakdown ,as I soon found out, smoking was the cause of my nervousness. I’ve been giving some serious thought to getting rid of some of my other bad habits this way. I’m not to sure some of them might not be classified as nightmares.


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