How to Induce Labor Going Up Stairs

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Well here is a little lesson to put your mommy skills to the test.

(I am not a doctor of any sort! So please talk with a professional before trying anything new or different. <– For the safety of you and your precious cargo)

Walking up and down stairs:

I was thirty nine wek knocked up and my hubby and I went to the hospital because I was having contractions. I was dilated to four centimeters but my contractions were not strong enough to present any change or go any further. My doctor came in and told me to walk around the hospital until I could not move. I thought he was crazy and my jaw dropped. But two hours and twenty flights of stairs and the nurses could not get ready fast enough.

I do not recommend going all out like I did in a short period of time. This can cause stress and as any pregnant woman knows stress is just not tolerated while being pregnant.

I recommend starting small and building your way up. Walk two flights of stairs and rest. Then increase the number of stairs. If this does not work in the first couple of hours try to take two steps at a time. This will open up your hips and position the baby right where he/she needs to be.


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