How to Get Rid of Depression!

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Depression it’s a mental characteristic for many people today. It is normal for a person to feel depressed sometimes in his life, but this being a negative feeling, it must be controlled or diminished. No matter what are the causes for this state of mind, solutions to overcome it exist and are very simple.

There are a few main tips that may help your problem. You don’t need to consult a psychologist or take addictive pills, you just need to focus on some particular facts.

First of all, you have to know why you are depressed about. This is quite easy to figure out. Don’t search for any complicated causes, or any of the stuff regarding subconscious activities.  You should make a short list of all things that upsets you or gives you a negative feeling. Write it down and when you finish, try to not think about it ever again. It sounds simple but it matters. Now after you have the list of unthinkable issues you have to make another one. On the second list write a few main actions that always make you feel good. Those tips should be simple and realistic, and should employ a real action. Watching TV or listening to music are things I don’t recommend. Such desirable actions would be: drawing, writing, doing sports, singing etc. After you finish the list, try resolving some of the stuff written. This should have a relaxing effect and will make you not think about your issues.

But, at some point you will feel the need of fixing your problems and if this is not possible immediately, the state of depression would appear again. However it doesn’t matter how big and important is your problem, because the process of solving it should employ simple steps. For example: your girlfriend/boyfriend left you, and this fact got you into a big mess of negative feelings, that are weakening you. First, you don’t need to concern if you will get back together or not, but must take care of your personal mental state. As a first step I advise you to clean your room, water the flowers or take out the garbage. Those simple actions have the effect of refreshing your senses. There are a lot of things such as these, which as simple as they seem have a great effect on your condition. A few examples are:

  1. Help with the house chores. Assist your parents/friends;

  2. Go for a walk on a street you’ve never been before, or go in a new place – it is important to feel renewed;

  3. Talk or meet an old friend or go meet new people;

  4. Try a new hobby;

  5. Improve the things you know you are good at;

  6. Read a good book or watch a quality movie;

  7. Change the way you look – but not in an eccentric way;

  8. Do sports;

  9. Try keep your mind busy only with productive and positive thoughts;

  10. Try to earn some easy money.

These tips are just a few encouraging actions you should take interest in, if you want to solve your problem.

And remember, it doesn’t matter how deep your problem seem, there are always solutions for it. And they are simpler than you think. 


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