Cutting Your Calories in Half.

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Cutting your calorie intake at any meal and any snack time can be hard. It is important to watch your calories and how much you eat. You only have a certain amount of calories you should have everyday and not going can be hard. Below will be some good ways to cut back on your calories.

Instead of drinking wine or a beer drink flavored water. Rather than frozen broccoli eat steamed fresh broccoli. Replace your bacon with light and lean Canadian bacon. Sank on fruit rather than potato chips. Don’t eat custard yogurt eat low fat plain yogurt. Instead of regular cream cheese eat the fat-free cream cheese. Don’t use margarine or butter use nonstick cooking spray to cook with. Eat raw mushrooms rather than eating fried mushrooms.

 Rather than drinking half & half drink nonfat milk instead in your coffee.
Drink Sparkling Water rather than drinking fruit punch.
Eat just one hot dog instead of two hot dogs.
Eat fat free cheddar cheese rather than eating regular cheddar cheese.
Instead of alfredo sauce use marina sauce on your pasta.
Only ever eat once serving of mashed potatoes.
Eat fresh vegetables rather than frozen vegetables.
Eat Un-sweetened apple sauce rather than sweetened apple sauce.
Eat pretzels rather than roasted peanuts.
Replace your whole milk with nonfat milk.
Use fruit jam on your toast rather than any type of butter.
Eat frozen chocolate nonfat yogurt rather than eating chocolate ice cream.

In General reduce your portion sizes and you will loose calories that way. Eating healthier and eating healthier will help you. When choosing things in the grocery store see if there is a fat free or non fattening on the item you want and choose that to eat rather than the one that will have more calories in it. Be careful what you pick up at the grocery store and think healthy and you will start cutting your calories when you don’t even think you are.


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