Why Some Men Are Attracted to Older Women

Men can be attracted to older women for good and bad reasons, like older men can be drawn to younger women. In the case of a younger man, they may be drawn to an older woman because she may be perceived as being more stabler than a woman in their age group. This applies especially to very young men, between eighteen and twenty-three. Some younger guys may be like ‘old souls’-more advanced in their age and wisom than their friends and other compatriots-and view a girl in their age group, as just that, a girl, in a woman’s body. Although the beautiful and sensual attributes are there, they may be seen as being ‘flighty’, ready to drop them at a moment’s notice for another guy, who in their eyes are better looking, with better physical attributes and more money.

In the case of them being more attracted to the older woman, they may perceive and the woman usually agrees somehow that the woman is more emotionally stable, and are less likely to dump them. Additionally, she may be reaching her peak sexually, or just surpassed, and the younger man has probably just peaked or surpassed it. They make a great combination sexually and are usually dynamite together in bed.

In reference to the emotional stability issue, the older female more than likely knows what she wants, even if she does some searching in a younger age group. Her emotional prime and seasoning enables her to zone in on what she wants far more adeptly and strategically than her much younger counterpart. Although she may look hard and go through several other mates in the beginning, she makes her choices better and settles for one far quicker. For she has the life experiences and wisdom to make better choices. But she may still sleep around a bit. Even if that is the case, she offers more of a relationship than her much younger counterpart. The younger male knows this and can be drawn to her, whether it lasts or not. But the relationship has far more substance and can potentially last longer.

Not only is emotional stability and a potentially longer, better relationship is offered, the younger men who become involved with her benefit more from her wisdom and life experiences. In many cases, for the men and women who become involved in such a relationship, they both learn and draw energies and wisdom from each other. Although they may not necessarily last much longer than a same-age group relationship, it usually was a good match and both partners derived something substantive from it.

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