Why The Laundromat is a Better Place to Find a Date Than a Bar

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In the laundromat, you have a neutral place, where people are just sitting around waiting for their laundry to be done and not much else to do. In a bar, you have a crowded, noisy place, where many are on the make. A more neutral place like a local laundromat strips away the sometimes phoniness, sometimes prentiousness and other negative attributes that can go with people on the make at their local tavern. With the overt sexuality diminished somewhat, a more quieter, subtle and almost subliminal sexuality takes form. People get to talk to each other more in a real environment where people congregate everyday, and actually have the time to properly talk to each other, minus the negative attributes that can accompany people in more profound environments like pubs or taverns

Bars have been traditional places to pick up people for one night stands and possibly more potential relationships. But most of these relationships crumble and do not last because there was no real substance to something hastily assembled in the local tavern. Although many couples built on that initial meeting (and possible one or two night stands), the tacit understanding in bars is that anything formed there probably won’t last a long time. Ultimately, many end up much shorter. For pubs are not conducive to forming something much longer and more substantial. They are usually conducive to short and very intense mostly sexual relationships.

In one’s local laundromat, one can find himself/herself in a place where people aren’t scanning for ‘fresh meat’ to go home with. Environment can be everything, and a laundromat isn’t where everybody is dolled up in usually phoney veneers. Through the surroundings, one finds a place where single moms, single dads-single anybody can be-and can be talked to without the pressure and facades that accompany the bar scene. It is a more relaxed place, where individuals are sober, and therefore can make better, non-inebriated choices that can last longer, as it already has more substance and meaning to it, minus the alcohol-filled surroundings.

Pubs can be great places to go, to have a few drinks, have a few laughs and maybe meet somebody. However, a laundromat is a much better place, for it offers so much more-a real world, real life view of reality. Ultimately, a relationship that starts there may have far more substance to it. All you have to do is crack the ice—forgive the pun!


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