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      I hope to bring you, in my first article published on this site an in-depth review of the free online game ‘Alien Swarm. An action game developed by ‘Valve’. You can only download this game on the PC game client known as steam. 

The Good

        The first impressions I got from this game is that the graphics are good, and it is highly addictive. I was truly shocked that the game was actually free. ‘Valve’ put a lot of work in. You look down on your character in a bird’s eye view. This differentiates the game from being an average shooter into being a shooter which you will happily spend many hours playing just for hell of playing it.

       The game also sets itself apart from other action/shooter titles. By having the choice of 8 characters, and 4 classes to choose from, each character has different bonus’s. So you are able to pick a character which best suits your style of play. The four classes are Officer, Special Weapons, Medic and Tech. However as an online game you need to have a balance of classes for you to complete the level with some sort of ease.

        What’s nice to see in this game though, is how ‘valve’ have taken a page from games like ‘Call Of Duty’ and ‘Battlefield’. You are able to gain experience, level up and unlock new weapons and gadgets! Certain classes can only use certain weapons, but you unlock them no matter what class you are using. This is nice to see because you are able to change around your strategy depending on the level.

        The last good thing I can say about this game however, although its a bloody good thing! You are able to download mod maps and play them with your friends. With Alien Swarm you are able to download a level creator. This means there is a vast choice of new maps and game modes, you can download endless survivals and timed survivals on new maps. Normally they are well made with only a few bugs.

The Bad

         There are a few bugs in the game, occasionally one of the swarm will not die, no matter how hard you punish it! You may also fall through the railings and end up dying…However these are few and far apart, and never really changed my experience of the game.

         The multiplayer is annoying. However there is a single player, but its hard. The multiplayer sucks because of the people your playing with. For example you will get a level one joining you on the last mission which is on insane (the hardest) difficulty, it doesn’t take someone smart to work out why this is a problem. Friendly fire is also a problem, I’m up for the idea as it makes you careful of where your shooting. However when your constantly being friendly fired by a person using a shot gun or a mini gun, you can see why it would piss you of! 

         Another thing with the multiplayer is that people seem to hate being the Medic, this would be OK if there were a lot of health packs throughout the game, but there isn’t! Medic’s are a must. This is why if you were to ever play with me, you would see me as a Medic.

         The mod maps are nice, although eventually they become unoriginal. Yet fun none the less! One big, down point about the mod maps is that you gain no experience what so ever from them. Now this would be OK if there were a lot of maps to gain experience on. But there is not, the campaign is incredibly short.

The Verdict

          This game is well worth downloading. It is doing a lot right, the things which are bad with the game are not really down to ‘valve’ but a few individuals who play the game. If you are looking for a game which will easily keep you occupied for 10+ hours then this is the game the game for you. Even if you have read this review and think that this game is not for you, then I think you should still download it. It’s a free game which is made by ‘valve’ and remember they created ‘Left 4 Dead’ and ‘Half-life’. So go on ‘steam’ now and download it. 

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