Bushnell Tour Pro Rangefinder – Getting The Tools You Need For a Better Golf Game!

There are many golfers that believe their game will only improve if they spend more money on clubs.  What they do not understand is that their equipment includes more than just their golf clubs and golf balls.  You also need to have a yardage device to help give you the most accurate yardages from anywhere on the course.  This has many advantages and the Bushnell pro tour rangefinder is a great choice for all levels of golfers.

When you know how far you need to hit the golf ball and you begin to figure out how far you can hit your clubs you will have much more confidence in the shot you are trying to hit.  It is pretty amazing how many strokes you can shave when you are able to step up to the shot with full confidence in the club and the swing you have chosen to use.

One of the most aggressive advantages of the Bushnell pro tour rangefinder line is that they come with a pin seeking laser, which guarantees you will always have the most accurate yardage possible for your next shot.  If you do not know exactly how far you have to reach the pin you will more likely leave yourself a longer putt or a chip because you hit the wrong shot for the situation.

When you have the proper equipment you can cut your handicap in half much faster.  Custom fit golf clubs and a custom fit golf ball are a must, but do not forget about the Bushnell pro tour rangefinder because without knowing how far you are from the pin you will never be able to hit those custom clubs or that expensive ball close enough to the hole to get more pars and birdies on a regular basis.

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