How to Open Stuck Jar Lids

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do you struggle in the kitchen or other places to open a stuck jar lid, which you absolutely find impossible to open?

if you have something cooking, and you have a stuck jar lid which you need it to open it immediately, what do you do?

the hot water trick: you can open the faucet and pour hot water ono the lid. this makes the metal on the lid expand making it easier to open. make sure that you run the lid over the hot water, and not the enitre jar since you dont want the food in jar to become hot. it depends on the temperature of the water, but a good 45-seconds will do the trick to open a stuck jar lid with ease.

the rag trick: you can use this common trick by wrapping a rag around the lid, and twisting it. this is a good way since you have more grip on the lid. this can also prevent you from hurting your hand or wrist in a way.

calling other people: you can also call other people to open the lid for you. the most common “trick” i would say.

the latter trick might be the best trick if you have a lot of other things to do in the kitchen at the same time, and can’t multitask.

good luck with your future stuck jar lids!


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