Kooday, The New Search Engine on The Rise!

I have found this site through clicking ads and decided to give it a try.  My other mylotter also claims good review about it having invested $4.00 and make it $23.00 in two days time.  I do a little search and all are saying this site is legitimate so I sign up myself.

The site is Kooday and on my first week of being a member,  It’s fun to be involved and have your own keywords to purchase and sell.  You can also link your website to a keyword that you can either buy or just link into it.

There’s also a share per credit thing that you can also earn.  Credits are earned through keyword purchase.

The trading of keywords is fun! You have to think of popular keywords so there’s a chance that somebody linked sites unto it or buy it from you.  Some keywords will be worth $100+ already.  That’s how popular they are!  But the good thing about it is that, you will earn a premium of 15% on every keyword bought from you.

For a week now, I have 30 keywords, 43 credits and earned 25% of what I have invested.  So far, so good.  I will stay unto this site until it’s launch and check from there.

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