Your Wedding Day… Pretty Hands in Demand

Aging Hands
Nothing gives away a woman’s age faster than her hands. And on your wedding day, that isn’t something you want people to notice… your ring yes, aging hands no…  It doesn’t matter if she is attending a function wearing a thousand dollar dress, if her hands aren’t smooth and her nails manicured, her age and lifestyle is easy for everyone to read. Unfortunately, the dress is an easy purchase that can hide dry elbows and other body parts. Her hands are on plain view.

Investing in Cuticle Oil
This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve the look of your hands. An inexpensive bottle of cream or oil can sit right on your desk, to be massaged into those dried out cuticles whenever the phone rings. And don’t stop at just the cuticle area. Massaging the oil or cream into the entire nail will dramatically improve the look of your nails.

Growing Out Your Nails
Bitten nails is a habit that will detract from pretty hands and a simple application of a soft flesh colored polish will remind you just how pretty your hands can be while keeping those same fingers out of your mouth. If polish doesn’t work, there are products on the market that taste so nasty, you won’t need reminding more than a few times.

The Use of Emery Boards
One may think that one emery board is sufficient. Unless you want to carry it around with you from room to room, it won’t be. It is a better idea to buy a stack of them. Your neighborhood drugstore carries a variety that are inexpensive and quite affordable. Tuck one away in the most used rooms of your house so that the second you spot a snag, you can reach for an emery board and file it away. If you don’t have an emery board handy, chances are very high that you will nibble it off.

White Spots Are Trying to Tell You Something
If you have noticed white spots on your nails, it could be that your diet is lacking in a specific nutrient. Eggs, milk and liver all contain zinc and should take care of those spots.

Day to Day Hand Care
Most households own a dishwasher, but that doesn’t mean that your hands won’t find themselves exposed to detergents and water. Before you begin such a chore, apply a little hand cream and then slip them into a pair of rubber gloves. And it might not be a bad idea to put a pair of gardening gloves on your shopping list as well. Those nails that you have worked so hard to nurture can be ruined in minutes by a little bit of gardening.

Don’t Like the Color of Your Nails?
While everyone likes the idea of snowy white nails, there might be several reasons why your nails… aren’t. We won’t go into those reasons, but you can use a little trick that our ancestors once used. They would apply a little vinegar to their nails with a little cotton and let the cloth sit on their nails for a few seconds. If you try this, don’t forget my first hint about moisturizing your cuticles as well as the rest of the nail. They will most likely need it.


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