How To Find Your Prince Charming

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STOP WORRYING ABOUT FINDING HIM! Every single girl who has tried to find “the one” has spent too much time on finding him and not enough time on themselves. Don’t worry, you’re NOT going to end up alone! But what you can do is worry about yourself! Go get a manicure, get your hair done, hang with your friends…enjoy life!

Think…every guy you have dated before (or maybe you haven’t dated anyone yet which that’s ok too), most guys are jerks and its hard to find the actual good ones. What is one thing that all the “bad guys” have in common? They move too fast (a.k.a. will equal to a one night stand if not careful), they act tough or bad a**, etc. The type of guy you want to look for is someone who will respect you! And that means will wait until you are ready to kiss, hold hands, etc. If he tries to make a move on the first date, get rid of him.

Look for a guy in a desirable location. A lot of people meet their other half either threw friends, or parties. But even if this doesn’t seem to work there are still other places, such as work, church, etc. It would be better to meet someone at a location you are comfortable with.


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