What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment, it could be a big moment of clarity, a realization of truth, or it could be something that slowly comes with age and wisdom. In Buddhism, followers sit and meditate for hours, trying to reach enlightenment, or become one with the void. (The void is what they call the universe, especially that which isn’t alive.)

The Buddhist view is that God is everything, and that Buddha, is just a man, who is also God, along with everything else. Buddha is a cup of tea, a sunset, and so are you and I. There are some interesting stories of how Buddhist students apparently found enlightenment. Here is one.

A man went into a Buddhist temple to talk to a monk, looking for enlightenment. He sat down before him, and he asked the question that was common at the time: “What is the meaning of bhodidharma, coming from the west?”. The monk knocked him to the ground with a stick. He was shocked, and walked out again, thinking he had offended the monk somehow.

He then came back another day and asked the same question again. “What is the meaning of bhodidharma coming from the west?” And the monk knocked him to the ground again. So, he went to the leader of the monastery, and this monk told him: “How compassionate Huang-Po is, he was only trying to relieve you of distress.” At this he had a sudden revelation of truth, and he jumped up and down exclaiming, “How simple Huang-po’s zen is theres nothing to it!” And he was enlightened.



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