10 Things I Hate About Cell Phones

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Don’t get me wrong… I love the security that a phone gives me. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere without having one handy. That goes for even a walk around the block but… I still have my list.

But, I have a disclaimer if you could call it that. It has everything to do with my age. I grew up in an era where they didn’t exist. We used pay phones! So…

* The menu is too complicated.

* The numbers are too small.

* I hate it when it rings and suddenly you think that everyone is looking at you… when I know that they really aren’t. Everyone has a cell phone.
* Not knowing how to use it. It’s called NO PATIENCE!

* You can’t see the screen when you are outside.

* They always ring at the worst possible time. I’m always in the car, the phone rings and I jump to the conclusion that I have to answer it right then and there.

* It goes dead way too quickly!

* No cell phone service when you really need it.

* I hate the idea that just about EVERYONE around me is driving AND talking on their cell phone at the same time.

So, if you own a cellphone and are perusing this list, now you know what annoys the average person. Hopefully cell phones in the future will be what we really want!

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