5 Steps For a Healthy Body

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Many of us don’t know that the food we eat can be very dangerous. That is why we have to be very carefull how we prepare it. There are five steps we have to take in consideration if we want to live longer.

1. Eat four servings of fruits and vegetables per day! 

Even if we don’t like it the consumption of foods containing antioxidants may reduce risk of heart disease 70%, 40% diabetes and 20% of breast cancer. Top antioxidant-rich foods are: plums, blackberries, garlic and spinach.

2. Eat fish 2-3 times per week!
It contains enough “Omega 3” to prevent heart disease, arthritis and brain dysfunction. Fish oil protects brain cells, suppress inflammation and irregular heartbeats. Eating fish at least once a week, 60% reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s recommended: salmon, sardines (fresh or canned) and herring.

3. Reduce consumption of red meat to once a week (beef, pork, lamb) to prevent colon cancer, pancreatic, breast and prostate!
Reasons carcinogens that form in meat during its preparation. The most dangerous methods in preparing the meat is frying rack. Thebest is baked or boiled preparation.

4. Eat at least 25 grams of fiber per day!
Children have no problem with this step. They eat cereals almost every morning. Most adults consume per day less than half of this amount. Cholesterol-lowering fiber and blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and help control body weight.

5. Use olive oil!
This is the main oil used by people who live longer and have no heart disease, cancer or other chronic diseases.

If we do these five little things our life will be prolonged with at least 10 healthy years.


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