How to Appreciate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day = Love/Chocolate/Flowers/Jewerly. Every married woman or girlfriend (and man) love when February 14th comes each year. But what is this day really about? What is Valentine’s Day and why?

February is a month full of romance and love. Couples everywhere enjoy it as much as they can. Marriage purposals are so cliche on this day as well.  And each February more and more singles get irritated. Only because they do not have anyone to share the love with.

History: Christian and ancient Rome tradition.
             Dated back to 240 A.D.
             Saint Valentine = martyred (Catholic Church)

Valentine sent the first valentine himself.

He was in jail and fell in love with the Warden’s daughter. (typical men behavior 🙂

She snuck at night to visit him. (typical women behavior 🙂

Before Valentine came to his death: (Some say he got caught sneaking prisoners out / Others say he got caught 
                                                           sleeping with the Warden’s daughter)

He wrote her a Love letter signed “From Your Valentine” <– Sound Familiar!!

Today: Everyone rushes at the last minute to buy the most perfectly written card, the most delicate and delicious chocolate, and the brightest most fragrant roses for their significant other.

Quick Note: Valentine’s Day February 14th.

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