Gyula The Best Place For a Holiday

Gyula, located in southern Hungary,  has become the holiday or weekend destination of Romanians especially the west part of the country.Tired of crowded beaches of Greece, the difficult route of Montenegro and the gravy flavor surprises on the Turkish coast,they head to Gyula,a very pleasant and relaxing place. 
 Castle Bath is considered the most beautiful swimming pools with thermal baths in Hungary, in competition with other SPA  similar as those of Battanya and Oroszhaza. 

Stretched over an area of 8.5 hectares, is located in a secular park protected by law, near a medieval castle – which 600 years ago belonged to John Corwin, illegitimate son of King Matthias Corvinus – and puts at your disposal no less than 19 thermal pools and spa, with artificial waves and jacuzzi and an Olympic swimming pool used in the cantonments of the Hungarian national water polo. 

Fortress Baths are open every day, between 8 and 18, and during the summer program is extended until 20 o’clock. Entrance ticket price is very cheap. The problem is the language of course. In Hungary not many people speak english or any other common language. Many people have said that they can but they just don’t want to. People there are not ver friendly. In any case I’m sure many people know how to speak hungarian and for them it’s very easy.

Gyula lies beyond the border, just 126 km from the city of Timisoara.. Access to the neighboring country is only based on ID not necessary visa, green card or medical insurance.

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