How to Achieve a P90X Body

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P90X is the new Richard Simmons DVD home exercise program. The only difference P90X will have you massive and fit enough to take on the aliens when they decide to take over.

P90X is made from the Beachbody Home Fitness Company. Tony Horton and Mason Bendewald being the two main guys.

The exercise instructor is Tony Horton who gives you the inspiration throughout all 13 DVD’s. He is funny, sarcastic, and even a jerk at times. But his motivation really does keep you pushing yourself to get that intense body you need.

The P90x program last 90 days (3 months). You exercise 6 days a week and can either rest (take the day off) or do the XStretch on Sunday. Most people make their biggest mistake in the first 3 days and just quick. You will be sore and hate doing the DVD’s at first but it can only get better as you keep working out and push yourself. Soon all the exercises will get easier and you will get stronger. You getting stronger means you are getting results right. Once you see it for yourself you will be addicted and actually have control over your body again.

MUSCLE CONFUSION is a B I G key player in this exercise program. Switching your exercises and introducing new movements ever so often will keep your muscles “awake” and get you faster results without hitting a “plateau.”

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