How To Make Money Online With No Money

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Blog – Blogging is best free method for making money online.You donot need to spend a dime for setting up a blog . A blog is an online platform were you can share your experience , knowledge and ideas with the outside world.It is this online platform which enables you to monetize your knowledge and ideas. . There are lot of free blogging platforms among which blogger and wordpress are most popular. You can monetize your blog by sumitting it to google adsense and once you are approved your blog will display “ads” sponsored by google and when someone clicks on those ads you get paid. Another way to make money with a blog is affiliate programs. You can easily promote affiliate products relevant to your site and once you get a sale through your blog you would be paid your percentage of commission. Thus blog is the best free way to make money online .

Sell eBooks – If you have an ebook then you can utilize it for massive profits . You can sell ebooks for free at lulu and smashwords. Both of them are free ebook publishing platform and you donot need to spend a buck for publishing your ebook. Once you published your ebook , they will list it on their marketplace and when someone buys your ebook you get paid. Please read their ToS before uploading your ebooks. Smashwords has a stringent guideline for it’s authors . You cannot sell plr ebooks in smashwords and when you do that you will be banned permanently. So read the do’s and don’ts of both the sites.

Sell Services – Fiverr is an easy way to earn a few extra bucks online. It is a service marketplace where you can sell your services for free. You can sell any type of services from photo editing to some crazzy stuff but the only thing is that you have to sell it for $5 . It’s like a huge marketplace of services all being sold at $5 . Just list a services you know or you are expert at this will help you to deliver things fast and on time and when you get an order complete it with perfection and you will be paid . The major advantage of fiverr is that you can get repeated customers as one customer may be very impressed by your work and he/she may use your service again and again and in this way your earnings will add up.

Squidoo – Squidoo is another no cost money making site where you can earn handful amount of money by creating lens. Lens are nothing but webpages . The advantage of squidoo is it’s huge traffic as it has a pagerank of 8 and most squidoo lens get high search engine placements. Squidoo share adsense revenues with you and you can also promote your affiliate products in your lenses . Squidoo can give you affiliate income a huge boost . You can also drive traffic to your blog which would inturn help your earn more money from your blog. So if you are out for making money for free then you must try out squidoo.

Bukisa – Bukisa is an online article publishing platform that helps you to earn money by writing simple how to articles . There payment method is unique as it pays you for ” page views” and you can also earn money from there referral program which goes three layer deep . So in order to earn money from bukisa you need to get more pageviews and referrals. You also need to keep an eye on bukisa index which is the amount of money you will get paid per 1000 views. Bukisa also have a good and quality traffic which would help you to earn a steady income.

The ways or websites i have listed can earn you real money without spending any money. So , workhard and goodluck .


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